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I have been quilting for almost 30 years. 

I am a machine quilter, everything from piecing to quilting is done on a regular household machine. I have taught myself most of the techniques that I employ, with the help of magazines and books. I draw my own patterns for the majority of my quilts after being inspired by a quilt I see in a magazine.

Two areas that I specialize in are miniatures and large quilts.
I am a member of the Region of York Quilters Guild. In my spare time I enjoy quilting, going to quilt shows, teaching my quilting techniques and last but not least quilting.

About Martha Schellingerhoud
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COVID-19 response: Just because we have to stay 6 ft. apart doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy each other’s artwork! Now offering virtual trunk shows. Click on the “Trunk Shows” page for more information. 
Celebrate With Fireworks ​74" X 59" 
Inspiration from Etsuko Iitaka's quilt Brilliant Fireworks