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I have been quilting for almost 20 years. My quilting interest sprouted in 1990 after taking a class in my church. Though this hobby has only recently (in the last five years) become a priority in my life due to my children becoming more independent

I am a machine quilter, everything from piecing to quilting is done on a regular household machine. I have taught myself most of the techniques that I employ, with the help of magazines and books. I draw my own patterns for the majority of my quilts after being inspired by a quilt I see in a magazine.

I have entered numerous quilts in competitions throughout Ontario, winning many ribbons including the Ontario Juried show in the miniature category in 2006. Two areas that I specialize in are miniatures and large quilts.
I am a member of the Region of York Quilters Guild. In my spare time I enjoy quilting, going to quilt shows, teaching my quilting techniques and last but not least quilting.


About Martha Schellingerhoud

Stars All Around The quilt shown above is 101X99 and was completed in July of 2007 Inspiration from Judy Mathieson's quilt 'Bristol Stars 2004'


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Baltimore Album 82 X94 May 2004.
Starburst 16 X 16 Jan. 2006
Inspiration from Karen Stone's quilt 'U.L.S.2000'
Whole Cloth Meets the New Millenium 75 X 95 Aug. 2006
Winter Green 78 X 96 Jan. 2010

Quilting 'till the Cows Come Home 36 X 36 May 2006 Inspiration from Cheri Ruzich's quilt 'Till the Cows Come Home 1993
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